The Book of Acts

May 2, 2021

Acts 10:24-48.

No Limits

Have you ever run up against a limit where the resources you have at your disposal aren’t enough to accomplish what you set out to do? Most of us probably have at some point in our lives.  Do you think God ever runs up against a limit He can’t get past? Sunday morning, we look at the answer.


April 25, 2021


Acts 9:19 - 43

What style font do you like to use? There are so many different types we can use to communicate these days it can be overwhelming just to try and choose one. What types do you think the Lord chooses to communicate His Gospel to the world?

April 18,2021

Acts 8:26-9:19

The Way

Do you know where you are going? Most of us have goals and destinations in mind, and yet even when we do, we can still lose our way. How do we get on track and find “The way?”


Mar 21, 2021

Acts 6:8 - 8:3.


What are your limitations? We have all suffered from imposed limitations this last year, and even without COVID, we still face limitations of various kinds, and we like to impose them. But what limits God, and how do the limitations we impose affect our view of Him?

032021 Limitations.png

April 11, 2021


Acts 8:1-25.

What has your attention right now? If you want to get someone else’s attention, what do you do to get it? Our attention isn’t always where it needs to be, and often the things which grab our attention far from leading us to life lead us to death.

031421 Complaint.png

March 14, 2021


Acts 6:1-7

We all do it from time to time, sometimes under our breath to ourselves, and sometimes out loud to anyone who will listen. Generally, it is easier to make one about someone else than it is to listen to someone make one about you. What are we talking about on Sunday morning? Complaints! Should we make them, and what should we do when one is made?

Mar 7, 2021

Acts 5:17-41..


There are certain things that every one of us has to do in life, such as eating and sleeping. But one of the most frequent things we do in life is we make decisions, from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. Some are mundane and trivial, but some are exciting and vital. But regardless of which category they fall under, how do we make the right ones? Find out Sunday morning as we look at “Decisions.”


February 28, 2021


Acts 4:32-5:16

What does it take to bring people together? A year ago, when COVID really started to make its presence felt here, people came together, as often happens in times of danger. But it did not last long, and we have seen that before too. Achieving unity and keeping it is hard, so how do we do it? Find out Sunday!


Feb 21, 2021


Acts 4:23-31.

Sunday morning, we will be in the second part of our short two-part series, “What’s in a name?” Names are important, and some names make us feel better than others when we wear them or drive them. But there is one name above all others that give us more “Boldness” than any other. Find out who and how.

Feb 14,2021

Acts 3:1-26.

The Need

Sunday morning we start a short two-part series from Acts called, “What’s in a name?” There is often a lot riding on a name, but the question is can the name meet it? This morning we look at the one and only name that can meet all our “Need.”

The Need.jpg

February 7, 2021

We will enjoy hearing from a guest speaker today.

Jan 24,2021

Acts 2:14-41.

The Proclamation

Proclamations are made all the time by politicians who are going to fix our world, by companies whose products are going to fix our lives, and on talk shows who are going to fix our spirit. But the one proclamation which is the true fix was made 2,000 years ago but is just as relevant and fresh today.

The purpose.jpg


The Purpose

Acts 2:42-47.

When groups and communities form, they have a purpose, but as time goes on, the purpose can be lost, or the community cannot reach or maintain the ideals. The church is a community, but has it kept its purpose, and what are the core things which go into keeping it on track?

The Power.jpg

Jan 17,2021

The Power

Acts 2:1-12.

There have been times in the last year where no doubt, we have looked at the situation and felt helpless in the face of it all. But what if there was a power that could not be overcome by anything, not even death? What is this power, and how do we get it? Find out on Sunday.

The path.jpg

Jan 10,2021

The Path

Acts 1:12-26.

Making decisions at any time can be challenging, but under the present circumstances, it is even more difficult where everything changes so quickly. How can we make the right ones and find The Path to follow? Find out this Sunday.

Jan 3, 2021

The Plan

Acts 1:1-11.

What’s your plan for 2021? For most people, the plan is not to have another year like 2020 if at all possible! What it will turn out like only time will tell, but whatever comes this year God’s plan for His people since Jesus ascended to heaven. What is His plan? Find out as we kick off the New Year with the first part of our new series from the Book of Acts.

The Plan.jpg
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