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Discipleship Groups

What is a Discipleship group?

A discipleship group is a group of three to five people of the same gender who meet on a regular basis to encourage and pray with each other.

What is the difference between a Community group and a discipleship group?

A Community group is larger (up to twelve people of both genders) and it is organized and led by the church.

I am already part of a Community group. Why should I join a Discipleship group?

Good question! Being part of a community group is an essential part of being a growing disciple in Jesus Christ, and we strongly encourage every attender of SRCC to belong to one.

Discipleship groups are for those who wish to go deeper, and build more intimate relationships with two to four other believers where a deeper level of sharing and encouragement can happen, but is not possible in a Community group.

How do I join a Discipleship group?

Discipleship groups are not organized by the church, but are encouraged and supported. To be part of a discipleship group pray about two people of your gender who you would like to join with to grow deeper in your walk with Christ. When you have done so, approach them and ask them to be part of a Discipleship group with you.

Alternately talk to the pastor to see if there are other people looking to be part of a Discipleship group.

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