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Sunday Gathering

We are going to resume church, the “normal” church service, this Sunday, the 7th of June! We are going to use both the sanctuary and the Anchor Café in order to give us enough room to maintain social distancing. To keep us safe, we are going to implement the following guidelines as we start:

  1. If you are sick or feel ill please stay home.

  2. If you feel uncomfortable coming to church because you are in a vulnerable age bracket, your health is compromised or you are just not ready to venture out, please don’t feel pressure to come back. We will continue to live-stream the service.

  3. The doors of the church will not be opened until 9:15 a.m., fifteen minutes before the service, to allow enough time for people to come in and be seated.

  4. We will use the front door only.

  5. Everyone entering is asked to please use the hand sanitizer provided at the front door.

  6. There will ushers to help you find a seat which keeps you socially distanced.

  7. We will not pass the offering plates; offerings may be placed in a collection box in the rear of the sanctuary.

  8. After the service everyone will need to exit the building, but of course you are free to socialize outside.

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